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1. Train Crash, Train Wreck - Dream Symbols
In modern society trains have become relatively rare. Just what does dreaming about a train wreck mean?

2. Eye, Eyes, Vision, Blindness - Dream Symbols
The eyes, and eyesight (or the lack thereof) often appear in dreams. What are your eyes saying to you?

3. Missing the Train Dream Interpretation
Group transportation means collective progress so when this dreamer misses the train or bus, she’s feeling left behind the crowds.

4. Pearl in Oyster Dream Interpretation
A man shucks oysters by the sea and finds many beautiful pearls but he casts them aside in search for more. What does this dream mean and what can it tell him?

5. Caring for Pets, Neglecting Pets - Dream Symbol
This article examines the meaning of pets as a dream symbol, especially what it means to be caring for and/or neglecting them in dreams.

6. Childbirth Dream Symbol
Childbirth as a dream symbol differs from pregnancy as a dream symbol. Pregnancy means possibilities or something brewing while giving birth in a dream means something is on its way.

7. Devil Dragged Me to Hell Dream Interpretation
In the realm of evil figures, there are demons of all kinds but nothing frightens unsuspecting dreamers like the devil himself.

8. Snake Bite Dream Interpretation
To dream of being bitten by a snake indicates there is a chance of being hurt by someone or something devious. But who or what is it? Even one’s own suspicious thoughts can be a threat.

9. Baby Babies Dream Symbol
When babies appear in dreams, they can represent anything from new life to new projects that you "birth" into this world. They also can depict a part of yourself. Read on for more

10. Forced Intimacy - Dream Symbols
One of the scariest types of dreams anybody can have involves rape or forced sex. Both involve a betrayal of the deepest form of intimacy.

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